Used Panamera Turbo For Sale – How To Find Out If The Panamera Turbo Is The Right Car For You?


Used Porsche Panamera Turbo For Sale

If you’re looking for a used vehicle that’s a pleasure to drive and offers plenty of luxury features, consider purchasing a used Porsche Panamera Turbo. This Porsche is powered by a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine that produces 463 hp and 820 lb-ft of torque. It also has adaptive cruise control; lane keeps assist, and traffic sign recognition.

Porsche Panamera Overview

The Porsche Panamera Turbo is an athletic four-door sedan that offers a sporty driving experience while providing comfort for the driver and passengers. The model comes with a wide range of features, including adaptive air suspension and rear-wheel drive. The 550-hp 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8 produces plenty of power to propel the car from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.8 seconds, and it can reach a top speed of 191 mph. The engine also provides good fuel efficiency, with a combined city/highway mileage of 25 miles per gallon.

Porsche Panamera Turbo For sale

This used Porsche Panamera Turbo is for sale in GT Silver Metallic and has a lovely interior. Its panoramic sunroof, adaptive matrix-LED headlamps, and glossy black trim/accents add a touch of luxury to this long-wheelbase sedan.

Powered by a 550-hp twin-turbo V-8, this used Porsche Panamera Turbo is capable of a 0-60 mph sprint in just 3.7 seconds and will reach a top speed of 191 mph. It has a robust hybrid system that can operate in an electric-only mode or work with the gas engine to provide even more power.

This used Porsche Panamera Turbo is an excellent deal on a clean title. It has a six-inch-longer wheelbase than the base model and offers limo-like legroom for rear passengers. It also has an impressive list of standard features, including a 12.3-inch touchscreen and wireless Apple CarPlay. Here is the latest used stock of porsche panamera 4s executive

Features of Porsche Panamera  

The Porsche Panamera Turbo is packed with a lot of technology to keep the driver comfortable while on the road. It includes many safety features, including a 360-degree camera and an innovative parking system to help you park perfectly. You can also choose from a variety of options to customize your vehicle. You can opt for a panoramic roof, high-end veneers, and even a sports exhaust option.

Porsche Panamera Turbo Features

One of the more enticing features of this model is its 12.3-inch touchscreen that sits in the center of the dash. It’s an Apple-esque interface that offers a variety of features, including wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and navigation. Another great feature of this model is its dual-zone climate control system, which allows you to adjust the temperature in the front and back of the car. It’s a feature that many vehicles don’t offer, and it is an excellent choice for drivers looking for extra comfort.

This model also has rear-axle steering and Porsche’s PDCC braking system to eliminate body roll. These systems effectively hide the Panamera Turbo S’s heavyweight and make it seem less intimidating to drive, especially on a twisty road.


The Porsche Panamera Turbo is a full-size luxury sedan renowned for its performance. It features a twin-turbocharged V8 engine that produces up to 620 horsepower and 604 pounds of torque. In addition, it offers several exceptional technologies that allow it to deliver a powerful performance experience. It also has excellent safety and convenience systems, making it a great driver choice.

For instance, it features a rear-axle steering system and active anti-roll bars that help improve its handling. It also has a mechanical torque vectoring system that allows the rear wheels to turn more efficiently.

Regarding power, the Porsche Panamera Turbo is a strong competitor for vehicles like the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. It can accelerate from 0 to 62 miles per hour in just 3.8 seconds and reach a top speed of 191 miles per hour. Moreover, it features an array of advanced technology that helps to improve its acceleration and fuel efficiency. It has a 12.3-inch touchscreen display, LED headlights, heated and ventilated front seats, leather upholstery, and 10-speaker audio.

Porsche Panamera Turbo Performance

As a full-size sports sedan, the Porsche Panamera Turbo delivers an exceptional driving experience unlike any other car. Driving on the road and the track is a true joy.


The Porsche Panamera Turbo has advanced safety features that will keep you and your loved ones safe on the road. These include blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, lane-keep assist, emergency braking, and traffic sign recognition.

Those looking for a used car with lots of safety features will find the Porsche Panamera Turbo the ideal choice. The 4.8L V8 engine provides reliable torque in traffic and doesn’t struggle to sling around the massive vehicle like its smaller cousin.

It also has a lot of safety technology that can be helpful in everyday driving, such as real-time traffic information displayed on the 12.3-inch center touchscreen or head-up display. This will help you plan your route ahead of time and avoid being stuck in traffic.

A rearview camera also ensures you are completely visible to other drivers. Other safety features on the Porsche Panamera Turbo are a traction control system, stability control, and airbags. The base model of the Porsche Panamera starts at $88,400 and is equipped with a 325-horsepower twin-turbocharged 2.9-liter V6 engine and an eight-speed Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK) automatic transmission. It also has a 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system, navigation, Bluetooth, wireless Apple CarPlay, a WiFi hotspot, and dual-zone automatic climate control.

Tips for Purchasing

If you’re in the market for a used Porsche Panamera Turbo, there are some things you should be aware of before purchasing. These tips will help you avoid buying a car with potential issues that can cost you money in the long run. The first thing you should do is ensure the car has all its maintenance records. The dealership should be able to provide you with this information.

Another vital thing to consider is the engine oil level. Most used Panameras will not have a dipstick, so you should be aware of this before purchasing. The Panamera’s electronic system will measure the oil level through its dashboard screen. If the oil level goes down, you may need to replace it.

You could even need to replace the entire engine. This is a significant issue; you should take time before purchasing the vehicle. If you’re in the market for a cheap and reliable Porsche SUV, the Panamera is one of the best options available today. It’s a great combination of luxury and performance. You can find the perfect model by visiting your local Porsche dealer in York, ME.

Where to Buy  Porsche Panamera 

You have plenty of options if you’re looking for a used Porsche Panamera Turbo. The car has several trims, each with a unique powertrain and various tech, comfort, and performance upgrades. In our testing, the standard Turbo S sedan hit 60 mph in just 2.8 seconds. The more extended Executive model took a tenth of a second longer, but it was still plenty quick.

Porsche Panamera Turbo Reviews

Inside, the Panamera’s cabin is spacious and well-designed. It has a low-slung, driver-focused design, and everything looks and feels expensive. The rear seats are also roomy and supportive, even for taller drivers. There’s a lot of cargo space in the trunk, which is more than can be said for most class rivals.

When shopping for a used Porsche Panamera, it’s essential to make sure you find one that hasn’t suffered from any significant issues. Some of the more common ones include a broken air ride suspension, an engine or transmission that hasn’t been serviced in some time, and a failure of the spoiler control. The spoiler is a unique feature that raises and lowers based on your driving speed. However, this feature is straightforward to break and expensive if it does.


The Porsche Panamera Turbo is a powerful vehicle that requires maintenance to ensure it’s in good shape. You’ll want to follow the vehicle’s manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedule to extend its life and prevent problems from arising.

Oil Changes: Every 10,000 miles, Porsche recommends an oil and filter change to maintain your engine’s performance and longevity. Performing these services on your Porsche will keep the lubricants in the machine properly circulating and the heat away from critical parts.

Steering and Suspension: A properly functioning steering system can make driving easier, help you stay safe on the road, and improve ride comfort. It’s also essential to catch minor issues early to avoid costly repairs later.

Spoiler Control: The spoiler on your Panamera has actuators that raise and lower the spoiler based on how fast you drive. These actuators can become faulty, which will cause your spoiler to appear crooked or fail to grow.

During an inspection, your Porsche’s mechanic will check the condition of this system and provide any necessary repairs. This can include power steering fluid replacement, wheel alignment adjustments, and struts and wheel bearings replacement.


Q: Is The Porsche Panamera Turbo Reliable?

A: Porsche Panamera Turbo is considered to be a reliable vehicle.

Q: Which Is Faster, Taycan Or The Panamera?

A: The Porsche Taycan is faster than the Panamera, with a 0-60 time of 2.4 seconds compared to the Panamera S 2.8 seconds.

Q: How Fast Is The Panamera Turbo?

A: The Porsche Panamera Turbo can reach 60 mph in just 2.8 seconds.

Q: Which Is The Fastest Porsche?

A: The fastest Porsche is the Taycan Turbo S, which can go from 0-60 mph in 2.4 seconds.

Q: Is The Panamera A Supercar?

A: The Panamera is considered a luxury sports car but not a supercar.


In conclusion, the Porsche Panamera Turbo is a reliable, robust, and luxurious car that will turn heads. With its impressive performance and spacious interior, it’s no wonder why this vehicle has become so popular. If you’re looking for a used Porsche Panamera Turbo that can deliver speed and luxury in one package, visit your local Porsche dealer today and take one for a test drive.

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