Is leasing a car a good idea

Is It Better To Lease Or Buy A New Car?


Compared to buying, leasing has several distinct pros and downsides, so whether or not leasing a car is a smart idea depends on your specific circumstances, driving habits, and financial status. Is leasing a car

Is It Safe to Drive on a Tire with a Bubble

Is It Safe to Drive on a Tire with a Bubble?


Tire bubble damage is irreversible since a tire bubble indicates that the tire’s structural integrity has been compromised. Because the tire’s internal structure has collapsed, it is no longer safe to drive on. The tire

straight pipe exhaust better

What Is A Straight Pipe Exhaust System?


The main benefit of installing a straight pipe exhaust on a performance engine is that you’ll notice a noticeable increase in horsepower. This is because the system minimizes the amount of backpressure generated by the

How to Treat the Car Gas Tank with Fuel Stabilizer

What Is The Best Fuel Stabilizer?


The use of a fuel stabilizer is simple. Just make sure there’s enough fresh gas in the tank and that it’s about 95% filled. After that, pour the fuel stabilizer into the tank and run

How to Test 3 Wire Crank Sensor With Multimeter?

Test 3 Wire Crank Sensor With Multimeter


This test will detect whether or not the CKP is receiving electricity. 1. Set the multimeter to the Volts DC mode. 2. Disconnect the electrical connector from the crankshaft position sensor. 3. Connect the Red

Rewire a Car In a Safe Way

How to Rewire a Car In a Safe Way?


The steps to safely rewive a car are as follows: Turn off the car’s power Cut the main wiring harness Strip off the wires Reattach the wires Test the wiring Finish the task How much

Replace a Rear Main Seal

How To Fix a Rear Main Seal Leak?


Step 1: Disconnect the battery. Step 2: Remove the driveshaft and the flexplate. Step 3: Remove the Rear Main Seal HoodStep 3. Step 4: Remove the Crankshaft Seal in. What is the time it takes

How To Remove Scratches From A Windshield?


Step 1: Using a lint-free towel, dry the glass.  Step 2: Moisten a soft cloth with toothpaste.  Step 3: For 30-40 seconds, rub the scratch with the cloth in a circular motion. Step 4: Wipe

scratches on your car

How to remove deep scratches from your car?


How to Repair a Car with Deep Scratches 1. Clean up the space around you. Give the scrape (and the surrounding area) a good wash and dry before attempting to repair it. 2. Make use